Prepping Your Kelowna Property: Tips for Selling Your Home

Prepping Your Kelowna Property: Tips for Selling Your Home

Thinking of selling your home? With so many competing properties available, what makes your home stand out? Potential buyers are shopping within a specific budget. They are looking to obtain the most bang for their buck. While some are not shy to fixer-uppers; many simply do not have the time or energy to repair that fence or paint those walls out…Your Kelowna Mortgage Broker recommends conducting a walk through on every aspect of your property to determine which areas can be improved prior to listing.

Investing In Renovations

If you have any mold, water damage, a dilapidated roof or significant repairs required (remember when the hot water tank blew and damaged your basement flooring?) now is the time to address these issues once and for all. If you have the “as is” mentality going into selling your home, be prepared to take a tremendous amount off of your asking price and expect lower offers. Even if you can happily ignore the swollen laminate flooring and warped trim boards in your basement, not everyone else can or will pretend they didn’t see it. Take a hard line as you go room to room and inspect from the ceiling downwards to determine if there are any features requiring repair or easy updates. Common renovations include:

  • Upgrading sewer or water
  • Fixing/repairing crumbling retaining walls
  • Updating windows and window seals
  • Installing/finishing baseboards and trim
  • Painting a neutral palette over strong shades
  • Updating outlets
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Addressing bathroom moisture issues
  • Sourcing and stopping bug infestations

Budgeting Wisely

Most of us can think of a much more productive way to spend our weekends instead of making seventeen trips to the dump. Waste removal and renovations go hand in hand. Hiring experts from the beginning to help out will save you time, money and energy of trying to accomplish everything on your own. Get some quotes for any trades you may require and look at portfolios of finished items and read customer reviews to ensure you hire the right person for the job.

What Is the First Attraction that Grabs You When You Walk Into a Room?

This is a fun game you can play with your family as you travel from room to room making a home improvement list prior to selling. What does your eye first gravitate towards when you enter a space? Is it something gorgeous or unsightly? Peeling paint and eyesore damage can easily rob you of future sales. It can feel overwhelming to go over your home with such a fine tooth comb; however, determining how much work you need to complete prior to listing your property is top priority for optimum viewing potential.

Curb Appeal

While many homeowners find themselves at maximum capacity with their interior jobs alone, it is vital to take the driveway and front yard into consideration. What does your current curb appeal status say about you? Has your carport or garage become a storage minefield? Do your garbage and recycling cans have a permanent home? What is the grass and vegetation scenario? Step back and pretend to walk by your property for the first time. Play “First Attraction” again and see if what initially draws your eye is positive or negative. Does your curb appeal scream “organized and chic,” or the complete opposite? Ensure the vibe you are giving off accurately portrays your energy levels for best results.

Expert Advice

Our dedicated team at John Antle Mortgages in Kelowna wants to help you realize your property wishes and dreams. We know each neighbourhood the city has to offer and make it our job to help you find the right fit. Our experienced crew is happy to offer suggestions on ways to de-clutter and store your keepsakes in order to reveal a clean palette when it comes to selling your own place. Simply cleaning out the garage and overhauling your storage space can make areas instantly appear larger. Let potential buyers appreciate each and every space. Once they can envision their photographs on the walls and their car parked in the garage, it will make for a much faster sale!


We specialise in offering mortgage solutions that go above and ‘beyond the bank’. This means we are able to provide flexible solutions at great rates, often better than what traditional banks have to offer. Working with a mortgage broker can open up your options, allow for potentially greater solutions for your situation.  We work with a variety clients including first-time buyers, those looking to transition from renting to owning or renewing a mortgage, self-employed business people, as well as investors in rental and/or vacation properties.

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