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John Antle Mortgage Brokers focus on providing the Mortgage Options Canada needs to fit the unique needs of their citizens. By working closely with a trusted Mortgage Broker, you will find a mortgage solution designed specifically for you.

Mortgage Options

If you are a first time home buyer, purchasing an investment or vacation property, renewing or refinancing your existing mortgage, or looking for a commercial mortgage, learn how John Antle Mortgage can help find you smarter mortgage solutions by clicking on your mortgage option below.

Mortgage Solutions for Homebuyers

A John Antle Mortgage Professional can help you open the door to home ownership and a better future. No matter your current financial situation, our team will keep your best interests at heart and provide unbiased advice on how to find the best options available. We work for you, not the banks or other financial institutions.


Through our quick and easy mortgage pre-approval process, we can identify the specific dollar amount that you can afford, so you can act quickly when you find the right opportunity. This three-step process includes:

Home Purchase Checklist – Making sure that you have all the necessary documentation for the purchase of a new home at your fingertips helps us finalize your application faster.

Mortgage Affordability Calculator – Our mortgage affordability and monthly payment calculators make it easy to find monthly mortgage payment options that make sense for your budget, so you can make an informed financing decision.

Mortgage Pre-Approval Application – Following your income verification, you could get pre-approved within 24 hours and start your home buying process by securing the right mortgage for your needs.

Investment Property Mortgage Solutions

Whether you plan to time the market and re-sell or hold on to your acquisition over the long-term and rent it out, our team of experienced mortgage professionals has the expertise to find the best way to achieve your financial goals. Using a streamlined three-step process, we can help you get your entire mortgage application prepared and ready for fast approval.

Investment Property Purchase Checklist – The key to getting your mortgage finalized faster is proper preparation. With all the necessary documentation on hand, we can help the rest of the process go as quickly as possible.

Investment Property Purchase Calculator – Our easy-to-use affordability and payment calculators will help you make informed decisions by finding a monthly mortgage payment amount that suits your budget.

Investment Property Mortgage Application – Once you have prepared your budget, income verification and other supporting paperwork, your investment property mortgage application can be approved within 24 hours.

Mortgage Renewal & Refinancing

If you currently hold a mortgage, your lender will likely offer you a slight discount over the posted interest rates at the end of your current term, which sounds convenient. However, agreeing to a new term without weighing your options could cost you thousands over the long term.


For other mortgage holders, refinancing before it’s time for renewal could be your best option to leverage your equity and finance home renovations, debt consolidation or other major costs.


Whether you need to renew or are planning to refinance your mortgage, the options and counsel you get by working with a John Antle Mortgage Professional can help you make the best decision for your future.

Commercial Mortgage Solutions

With a single application, a John Antle Mortgage Professional can help you find the right financing solution from the multitude of possibilities available from Canada’s commercial mortgage market.


With access to over 100 institutional lenders from across the country, we can help you find the best possible interest rates available from lenders who are motivated to fund your project. By preparing a detailed analysis of your project, we provide lenders all they need to understand the merits and nature of the proposal, as well as the financial strength of the borrower, to move forward as swiftly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between fixed rate mortgages and variable rate mortgages?

A fixed rate mortgage features a constant annual interest rate, which means that your interest rate and regular mortgage payment will be the same throughout your entire mortgage term. Fixed rate mortgages make it easier to budget because they provide cost certainty.


On the other hand, with variable rate mortgages your payments will move up and down based on current interest rates and market conditions.

How are “open” mortgages different from “closed” mortgages?

An open term mortgage provides the freedom and flexibility to pay off your mortgage faster because you can make additional payments towards your mortgage principal without incurring a prepayment charge. With mortgage prepayment options at your disposal, you can save on interest charges by paying down the principal faster.


In contrast, closed term mortgages have stricter conditions when it comes to prepayment, however, they come with lower interest rates than “open” mortgages, so they can be easier to manage.

Are there ways to pay off a mortgage early without incurring prepayment charges?

Although mortgages are generally offered with a 25-year term, there are ways to pay off your mortgage early and save thousands in the process.


Certain mortgages allow the borrower to increase the amount of their mortgage payments on an annual basis,
Another option is to pay down the principal faster through accelerated payments. Should you opt for weekly or bi-weekly payments, the new payment structure can translate to one extra monthly payment per year (or more), so you can be mortgage free sooner and save big on interest payments in the process.


A third option to pay down your mortgage faster is to make lump sum payments when the opportunity becomes available, up to your eligible prepayment privilege amount, to help pay down the principal.


Finally, all mortgages become open when it is time for renewal, so you can use this opportunity to make a lump-sum payment to reduce your total mortgage amount, save a great deal in interest over the amortization period and become mortgage-free much sooner.


Note that certain mortgage repayment options, such as prepayment privileges or accelerated monthly payments, are only available with certain types of mortgages, so speak with a John Antle Mortgage Broker to find the options that work for your situation. which can help pay down the principal much more quickly.