How to Renew or Refinance your Mortgage

Are You Renewing Or Refinancing Your Mortgage?

At the end of your term your existing lender will offer you a moderate discount over the “posted rates” and all you have to do in most circumstances is sign a letter you receive by mail. Sounds easy and painless, we know, but you may have just lost thousands of dollars over the new term of your mortgage. Contact your local John Antle Mortgage Professional to discuss all your options.

Let The Equity In Your Home Work For You


Are you’re thinking about undertaking that long-planned home renovation, dreaming about that great vacation, or wanting to pay off your credit cards? Maybe you want to start planning for your children’s future education? A mortgage refinance may be your best option. Working with a John Antle Mortgage Professional will provide you with choice, convenience and great counsel so you can select the best solution for your needs.


We work with many lenders to get you the best rate, best term and the features you want so you can use the equity in your home. It’s just one way we can get your mortgage working for you!


Before you renew your mortgage or start leveraging the equity in your home, talk to your local John Antle Mortgage Professional. Get the solid counsel you need!

The Mortgage Pre-Approval Process

The Pre-Approval process will provide you with a specific dollar amount that you can afford. Lenders and sellers will know you are serious about buying when it’s time to make an offer. In hot real estate markets, a buyer may need to act fast; if the competing buyer has a pre-approval in hand and you don’t, they win.


A Quick and Painless 3 Step Process

STEP 1 – Home Purchase Checklist

Whether you’re buying a new home or simply refinancing your existing mortgage, certain documents are required to complete the transaction. By taking a moment to ensure that you have all the documents on this list. You’ll help us to finalize your mortgage faster.

What Documents Do I Need

Download our Home Purchase Checklist.

STEP 2 – Mortgage Affordability Calculator

Use our easy to use Mortgage Affordability Calculator, and Payment Calculator to determine the monthly or annual mortgage payments you can afford to suit your budget. These calculators will allow you to make informed financing decisions.

How much can I afford?

Click here to use our affordability calculator.

STEP 3 – Mortgage Pre-Approval Application

Usually you can get pre-approved within 24 hours with the necessary income verification and supporting paperwork on hand. It’s the first step in your home purchase process and in securing your Right Mortgage. Get started on the first phase of your home purchasing journey.

I am ready for Pre-Approval

Complete our online  application.