3 Things a Mortgage Broker Will do for You that a Big Bank Won’t

3 Things a Mortgage Broker Will do for You that a Big Bank Won’t

Purchasing a house may be one of the biggest investments you make in your lifetime. There are many decisions to make, and among them – where are you going to get your mortgage from? You have a lot of options, including choosing from a big bank or a mortgage broker. But which one is right for you? While you’re deciding, you may want to take into consideration a few advantages of using a mortgage broker.

A Kelowna Mortgage Broker Can Offer You Expertise

Big banks offer many services. However, when it comes to mortgages, their holistic approach works against them. When you choose a mortgage broker, you’re choosing a mortgage expert.

Because banks have to specialize in so many services, they may not be up to date with the latest policies and options that are out there. The best mortgage brokers specialize in mortgages deals, meaning they can help you find the best deal for your purchase and are constantly looking up the latest policies and options.

Additionally, mortgage brokers are on your side and can help you with negotiations. If you’re not comfortable with negotiating the best rate from your lender, your mortgage broker can do all the legwork for you, negotiating the lowest mortgage rates for you.

Mortgage Brokers Can Help You Find Your Best Mortgage Rates

Most banks can have inconvenient hours and may be difficult to get a hold of. Mortgage brokers can be more flexible with their hours, and meet when it works for your schedule. You may also have the option to communicate via, skype, email etc. with your mortgage broker to fit in with your schedule.

Mortgage brokers like the Kelowna team at John Antle Mortgages also offer convenience by streamlining the mortgage shopping process for you. Even if you’re considering going with a bank, you’ll have to shop around at each provider to compare services. Mortgage brokers can compare mortgage rates for you to find the best mortgage rates available so you don’t have to.

The Best Mortgage Brokers are Flexible

Additionally, working with a company like John Antle Mortgages means you’ll have access to mortgage broker rates. Mortgage brokers will be able to help you find a mortgage option for your lowest rate possible. They will also have more flexibility to find you approval with non-traditional lenders. This is great news for anyone, but if you have a less than perfect credit score it’s especially good news. Because mortgage brokers are able to explore more options than banks, you may be able to find a lower rate than at a bank. Mortgage brokers, like John Antle Mortgages, will have more options to offer you because they work with more banks and lenders.

Kelowna Mortgage Broker, John Antle, has your best interests in mind. We know buying a home and finding a mortgage can be an overwhelming task, and we’re here to make the process easier and to find you your best rate possible. If you have further questions and would like to contact us about your financing options, contact us today! We’d be happy to help with any mortgage or financing questions you may have.

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